Transforming a Corvette C8 with the GPI 625 Package!

Initial Assessment and Goals Our objective was clear from the start: to elevate the Corvette C8 and the LT2 platform beyond the standard power-adders, focusing on a naturally aspirated (NA) setup for consistent, reliable, robust performance without the additional weight and heat soak issues associated with forced induction. Dyno Testing: Establishing a Baseline With just […]

The LT Wet Sump Engine Oil Pump Issue

Introduction: As we continue to push the LT engine platform to greater RPM and power levels, we have identified a common issue with the OE-style oil pump struggling to maintain adequate oil flow at high RPMs, particularly under hard acceleration with G Force opposing oil intake to the pump. This is due to a combination […]

Gearing and Converter Options for Camaro and Corvette (Part 2 – Automatic Cars)

INTRODUCTION Welcome back to Part 2 of our discussion on late model GM gearing and converter choices (want to read the Part 1 on Manual setups?  Click Here). This series is aimed to help answer the popular “which gear and converter should I run in my car” which populates social media and technical forums on […]

Gearing and Converter Options for Camaro and Corvette (Part 1 – Manual Cars)

INTRODUCTION: You don’t need to browse social media or a technical forum for very long to find a thread about “which gear (and converter – for the automatic crowd) should I run in my car”.   These discussions are usually plagued by a lack of key information about the car in question – which transmission it has, […]

Introducing our Brand New High Compression Dome Piston and Rods Kit for the LS3!

As GPI customers and GPI builds have become a force to reckon with in the naturally aspirated racing scene, we could not help but notice the lack of shelf piston options geared towards this environment. Staying true to our name, we contacted our friends at Diamond Pistons to set about designing a new piston. We […]

remote ls lt tuning

Remote Tuning for LS & LT Engines: Getting Started, Reading & Flashing Tunes, and Data Logging!

Remote Tuning for LS & LT Engines: Step by Step Guide Building a LS or LT powered vehicle and need tuning?  From bolt ons, camshaft & cylinder head upgrades, to big forced induction builds – tuning is a critical step throughout this entire process. It determines both how well the vehicle performs, drivability, and potentially […]

The Ultimate LS3 Intake Manifold Dyno Shootout!

We get a lot of questions about intake manifolds, and because our recommendations vary depending on use and application – we thought it would be helpful to conduct a series of tests which demonstrate the several available intake manifolds back to back on the same engine. We hope these results will help our customers better […]

LS7 Valve Drop Issue. What you need to know!

It seems a lot of questions, concerns, information and misinformation exists related to the LS7 valvetrain issues.  We felt it might be helpful to our dealers and customers to summarize what we have learned over time about these issues. (Want to skip straight to our Ported OEM LS7 Cylinder Head Package?​) THE INFAMOUS CONCERN I just purchased […]

Lifters, Lash and Preload. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, or will it?

In speaking with our customers, and browsing various automotive forums – I have observed a lot of confusion and misinformation concerning hydraulic lifter operation and preload specification. I have concluded it may be helpful to provide some information on this subject. Anatomy of a Hydraulic Lifter A hydraulic lifter isn’t too complicated. It consists primarily […]