myGPI Reward Program Overview

Start getting the most out of every GPI purchase you make. As a myGPI member, you can cash in on exclusive benefits that make shopping with us even more rewarding.

Signup Rewards

Earn 500 points easily – for just registering on the GPI website. This not only saves you a minimum of $5 on your first purchase, but it qualifies you for special member only deals!

Shopping Rewards

We appreciate you shopping with us, and to show our appreciation – we reward you with savings on every purchase. You earn 1 point for each $1 you spend. Save $1 for each 100 Points.

Review Rewards

Reviews are helpful for everyone, so once you receive your product – or if you already own a product – leave a review of that product, and earn 100 points / review.

Reward Program Details

Earn 1 Point for Each $1 You Spend. Save $1 for each 100 Points.

3 Ways to Earn Points:

1. Signup Rewards

Earn 500 Points just for registering, and qualify for special member-only sales!

1. Click the Register Now button.

2. Complete the quick registration.

3. Add desired products to the shopping cart. Once you are ready to checkout, click the Apply Discount button to redeem points.

2. Shopping Rewards

Earn 1 Point just for every $1 spent.

1. Find a product you own in our Online Store.

2. Complete Checkout.

3. Redeem points on the next purchase.

3. Review Rewards

Earn 100 Points just for leaving a Product Review!

1. Find a product you own in our Online Store.

2. Scroll down to the “Reviews” section of the page.

3. Enter Review, and press Submit!


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