Introducing our Brand New High Compression Dome Piston and Rods Kit for the LS3!

As GPI customers and GPI builds have become a force to reckon with in the naturally aspirated racing scene, we could not help but notice the lack of shelf piston options geared towards this environment. Staying true to our name, we contacted our friends at Diamond Pistons to set about designing a new piston. We […]

Huge L83 & L86 NA Head & Cam Performance Gains (+100rwhp!)

LT’s are the new LS’s! The performance truck market continues to grow at a staggering rate – with huge popularity going back to the early LS trucks. The L83 (5.3L) and L86 (6.2L) performance potential is especially promising due to these modern generation LT engines offering so much more power and technology than its predecessor […]

DRIVEN Synthetic Oil Change Packages Now Shipping!

We’ve been fans of Joe Gibbs Racing’s DRIVEN Synthetic Oils for years.  They have what believe is the highest quality & best value synthetic oil in the business, and most importantly – it is what we use on all new engines and shop builds.  If you want the oil Gwatney Performance uses and recommendeds – check out […]

Solving the LT1 / LT4 Fueling Issues!

It’s a well known fact the direct injected LT1 / LT4 engines have fuel starvation issues at high boost levels – which leads to blown rings and melted pistons. We are developing a port fuel injection system system (similar to the new ZR1) utilizing the 42 Autosports Port Injection Control Kit and Haltech EMS to supplement the factory fuel […]

Bulletproofing the LT1 for Big Boost with GPI’s LT1 Drop in Piston / Rod Package!

Bulletproofing the LT for Boost The LT series GM engines are incredible powerplants as designed – however unlike their predecessor (LSx) – the LT’s commonly rebel when power adders such as superchargers, turbos, and nitrous are added. The LT powerplants have several weak links when boosted: Overcoming Limitations Understanding these limitations – and because GPI […]

Chapter 2: Engine Dyno of the MAX Performance Package

THE ENGINE DYNO RESULTS ARE IN! 150HP MORE THAN STOCK LS3! Here is our latest testing of the LS3 / L99 MAX Performance Head & Cam Package. We’ve taken the goodness of the LS7, and adapted it to the LS3 / L99 platforms, to create a package that is the best of both worlds! The […]

(Available Now!) The Brand New MAX Performance Head & Cam Package for LS3 / L99!!!

After many months of working in secret – we are proud to introduce the GPI MAX Performance Head & Cam Package for LS3 / L99 applications! This package is not for the faint of heart. With a huge powerband, torque down low, and an explosive LS7 top end – this is a no-compromise NA build. […]

Gwatney Performace LT Gen 5 Cam Packages are Officially Available!!

The Wait is Finally Over! For those of you with a 2016+ Camaro SS, or a 2014+ Corvette – we have our Gen 5 LT Cam Packages in stock, and ready to ship! Why GPI? Gwatney Performance has a long history with VVT Camshafts, and we have built a large portion of our reputation around them.  As many of you […]