GPI Heads to Bowling Green, KY for some CamaroFest IX Drag Racing!

We had such a great weekend at CamaroFest last weekend with all of our friends and customers – it was almost hard to come back to the normal grind! Thank goodness we love what we do! We headed down to Bowling Green on Thursday  7/11/19, to get our trailer and product set up for all […]

GPI Dominates Street Car Invasion at Newport Dragstrip!

Mike Pestka made Gwatney Performance Innovation proud this weekend at Street Car Invasion / Speedy’s Newport Dragstrip. Here is a highlight reel in case you missed it! Keep an eye out for some seriously sketchy passes by Mike Pestka and Matt Almond. They put on a great show for all!

2017 Camaro SS runs 9.69 @ 139 NA with GPI Track Attack LT1!

Had a great weekend at the Super Chevy Show. Brandon T. Hill II was able to rip off a [email protected] in his 2017 Camaro SS. The track was underwater when we got there and the crew at Memphis International Raceway busted their butts and got it coming around by end of day. While we couldn’t get that […]

Introducing the GPI Track Tuned Program

We are very excited to introduce our new Track Tuned Program! Our Track Tuned Program was born out of our passion for racing, and our desire to push our customer’s cars to the absolute limits.  We break records when you break records.  We win when you win. Racing is all about having the competitive edge, and now […]

White Motorsports – 620HP MAX Performance LS3 Powered Buggy!

Want to go for a ride in this insane 620hp off road buggy? Check out the Dirt Riot Series point leading White Motorsports buggy – packing a GPI built 416ci LS3 – topped with our GPI MAX Performance LS7 Head and Cam package. Learn More about our MAX Performance LS7 Head and Cam Package for […]

Brandon Hill’s 6th Gen Dominated the Modified Class at Camarofest 8!

Ready for some CamaroFest 8 highlights?! Kicking it off – Brandon T. Hill II in his incredibly consistant 6th Gen. He ran 10.4’s-10.5’s all weekend long in 100 degree heat, AND was the fastest customer car in the Modified class With a personal best time of 10.1 @ 134mph – these new 6th Gens are becoming an […]

Wild 200+ MPH Rides at The Ultima Mile 2018!!

There is no better way to prove your car, than a standing mile race! If watching 1k+rwhp cars being pushed to the absolutely limits (and sometimes beyond) is your thing – we have that in common! We had an incredible time supporting our friends, making new friends, and helping everyone push their cars to the […]

Testing and Tuning the 620hp White Motorsports Buggy

#TeamGPI is proud to welcome our newest sponsor – White Motorsports (@WhiteMotorsports4878) and the 620hp GPI powered MAX Performance LS3 w/ LS7 Top End. This competition ready Jimmy’s 4×4 Bloodline Podium R is freshly tuned, and ready for the 2018 Dirt Riot Series Season which begins March 17th in Laredo, TX. Good luck this season […]

Chapter 2: Engine Dyno of the MAX Performance Package

THE ENGINE DYNO RESULTS ARE IN! 150HP MORE THAN STOCK LS3! Here is our latest testing of the LS3 / L99 MAX Performance Head & Cam Package. We’ve taken the goodness of the LS7, and adapted it to the LS3 / L99 platforms, to create a package that is the best of both worlds! The […]

(Available Now!) The Brand New MAX Performance Head & Cam Package for LS3 / L99!!!

After many months of working in secret – we are proud to introduce the GPI MAX Performance Head & Cam Package for LS3 / L99 applications! This package is not for the faint of heart. With a huge powerband, torque down low, and an explosive LS7 top end – this is a no-compromise NA build. […]

760 rwhp 6.2L Swapped Twin Turbo Sleeper 4WD Silverado!

This has been a very special build for us.  If you’ve ever dreamed of going absolutely crazy on a build, and making something absurdly fast that was never designed to – check this one out! Just imagine the look on that proud Z06 owners face when you demolish them from a light in an unassuming […]

LS7 Failure Recovery: Reviving a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with GPI LS7 Heads and Cam

Introduction When a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 came to us after an unfortunate high RPM event, we knew it was time to work our magic. The LS7 engine had sustained significant damage, and the car was in desperate need of a performance boost. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the entire rebuild process, […]