Cale Attempting a Record Standing Mile Pass in his 1200+rwhp Z06

At the Ultima Mile May 2018 event, Arkansas own – Cale Hopkins – set the Standing Mile Event Record at 223mph. This is what happened when he attempted to break his own record at the October 2018 event… C6 Z06 Build: LSX Cast Iron Block Callies Crank & Rods Diamond Pistons Procharger F1X (25psi) Brodix […]

White Motorsports – 620HP MAX Performance LS3 Powered Buggy!

Want to go for a ride in this insane 620hp off road buggy? Check out the Dirt Riot Series point leading White Motorsports buggy – packing a GPI built 416ci LS3 – topped with our GPI MAX Performance LS7 Head and Cam package.   Learn More about our MAX Performance LS7 Head and Cam Package […]

Brandon Hill’s 6th Gen Dominated the Modified Class at Camarofest 8!

Ready for some CamaroFest 8 highlights?! Kicking it off – Brandon T. Hill II in his incredibly consistant 6th Gen. He ran 10.4’s-10.5’s all weekend long in 100 degree heat, AND was the fastest car in the Modified class (outside the high dollar shop cars).   With a personal best time of 10.1 @ 134mph […]

Wild 200+ MPH Rides at The Ultima Mile 2018!!

There is no better way to prove your car, than a standing mile race! If watching 1k+rwhp cars being pushed to the absolutely limits (and sometimes beyond) is your thing – we have that in common!   We had an incredible time supporting our friends, making new friends, and helping everyone push their cars to […]

Testing and Tuning the 620hp White Motorsports Buggy

#TeamGPI is proud to welcome our newest sponsor – White Motorsports (@WhiteMotorsports4878) and the 620hp GPI powered MAX Performance LS3 w/ LS7 Top End. This competition ready Jimmy’s 4×4 Bloodline Podium R is freshly tuned, and ready for the 2018 Dirt Riot Series Season which begins March 17th in Laredo, TX. Good luck this season […]

Chapter 2: Engine Dyno of the MAX Performance Package

THE ENGINE DYNO RESULTS ARE IN! 150HP MORE THAN STOCK LS3! Here is our latest testing of the LS3 / L99 MAX Performance Head & Cam Package. We’ve taken the goodness of the LS7, and adapted it to the LS3 / L99 platforms, to create a package that is the best of both worlds! The […]

(Available Now!) The Brand New MAX Performance Head & Cam Package for LS3 / L99!!!

After many months of working in secret – we are proud to introduce the GPI MAX Performance Head & Cam Package for LS3 / L99 applications! This package is not for the faint of heart. With a huge powerband, torque down low, and an explosive LS7 top end – this is a no compromise NA […]

760 rwhp 6.2L Swapped Twin Turbo Sleeper 4WD Silverado!

This has been a very special build for us.  If you’ve ever dreamed of going absolutely crazy on a build, and making something absurdly fast that was never designed to – check this one out! Just imagine the look on that proud Z06 owners face when you demolish them from a light in an unassuming […]

2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Dyno Results with GPI Heads / Cam!

The Sad Story. This Z06 came to us after a very unfortunate “high RPM event”.  We are told it was trailered all the way from Mexico to see us, but sadly – the situation was pretty bad.  The internals of the motor look to have been used in a Blendtec commercial – suffice to say, […]