Transforming a Corvette C8 with the GPI 625 Package!

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Initial Assessment and Goals

Our objective was clear from the start: to elevate the Corvette C8 and the LT2 platform beyond the standard power-adders, focusing on a naturally aspirated (NA) setup for consistent, reliable, robust performance without the additional weight and heat soak issues associated with forced induction.

Dyno Testing: Establishing a Baseline

With just about 2,500 miles on it, our test C8 Corvette showed promising potential on our dyno, recording 498 horsepower (449 RWHP) and 485 lbft of torque (437 RWTQ). After some initial tuning adjustments, we were ready to dive deeper into the modifications and product development.

Step-by-Step Upgrades: The Path to Power

The transformation of the Corvette began with the installation of a set of Kooks Headers, marking the first significant leap in power, as the car achieved 517 horsepower (466 RWHP).

This was followed by the addition of the Haltek Air Box, which further increased the output to 528 horsepower (476.5 RWHP).

The project then moved into a more comprehensive phase with engine modifications, involving the porting and milling of the factory LT2 cylinder heads, which significantly improved the compression ratio. The final touch came with the intake and throttle body modifications, done alongside our new LT2 camshaft, propelling the horsepower to an impressive 596 (537 RWHP)!

The E85 Transformation

The transition to E85 fuel with a DSX flex fuel kit was a turning point, boosting the power to an incredible 625 horsepower (564 RWHP) and torque to 569 lbft (513 RWTQ), ensuring seamless performance with no compromises in drivability.

Introducing the GPI C8 Corvette 625 Package

This entire suite of modifications, collectively known as the GPI C8 Corvette 625 Package, represents a pinnacle in Corvette C8 customization. It’s a testament to our commitment to R&D and innovation.

Conclusion: A New Era for the Corvette C8

The GPI C8 Corvette 625 Package is not just a set of upgrades; it’s a complete transformation of what a Corvette C8 can achieve. We’re proud to share this complete LT2 performance package with the automotive community and look forward to pushing the boundaries of the platform even further.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of this journey!

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