Introducing the GPI Track Tuned Program

We are very excited to introduce our new Track Tuned Program!

Our Track Tuned Program was born out of our passion for racing, and our desire to push our customers cars to the absolute limits.  We break records when you break records.  We win when you win.

Racing is all about having the competitive edge, and now – with the GPI Track Tuned Program – you can have that edge!

street tune is great for perfecting drivability, and a dyno tune is great for maximizing power, but to get the best performance out of your setup – you need to head to the track!

Program Overview

Our new track tune program includes:

  • Private Track Rental (Memphis International)
  • All Day Racing
  • Limited to 5 Cars
  • Datalog of each pass
  • Tuning changes after each run
  • Transportation (Available)
  • E85 & Race Fuels (Available)
  • Video Services (Available)
  • Personalized recommendations
    • Weight reduction options
    • Wheel tire setup
    • Suspension tuning

Next Event Date

January 14, 2019 (tentative)


Existing Builds

For vehicles which already have a good baseline tune, and are running well.

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Fresh Builds

For fresh builds that require a complete baseline tune prior to track tuning.

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Track Tuned Program Trailer


Give us a call at (501) 985-4947 or email

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