Procharged 2017 Camaro SS makes 860rwhp on dyno!

Ryan Stevens working some magic on a 2017 Camaro SS (A8) w/ Procharger F1A (@16psi) on the dyno. This car is fitted w/ the full assortment of GPI Gen5 LT goodies including:

It made 860rwhp & 762ftlbs on 16psi (70% ethonol) and drives like a bone stock car. Perfect daily that will demolish almost anyone willing to challenge it on the highway.

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    Mark Batek says:

    Thanks to the team at GPI…….(Aaron, Ryan Scott, John and the many more that supported this 2 year process) My goal was 850 RWHP and must be a daily driver that I could drive back and forth to work and the 5 or 6 times a year back and forth to Chicago to see my grandkids. Absolutely a wonderful job from start to finish.
    I spent my childhood in Chicago suburbs building 350 Chevy’s with maybe 400 HP back in the early 70’s. We would find the usual sort of powerhouse goodies back then; Holley 650 double pumper, 13 to 1 compression using dome pistons……etc. We then needed to show it off. At the time there was no better place to do that than the southside of Chicago. Stoplight racing….Absolutly a blast….
    If you have a project car that you need a few goodies installed on or a desire for mega horsepower, GPI is your place to go…Give them a call or stop by and ask for Aaron.

    Thanks Guys

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