760 rwhp 6.2L Swapped Twin Turbo Sleeper 4WD Silverado!

This has been a very special build for us.  If you’ve ever dreamed of going absolutely crazy on a build, and making something absurdly fast that was never designed to – check this one out!

Just imagine the look on that proud Z06 owners face when you demolish them from a light in an unassuming Silverado.

This truck started life as a 2017 Silverado 4WD 5.3L V8 single cab pickup.  Since, we had a customer looking for a 5.3L engine for his Hot Rod build, so we used this as an opportunity to upgrade this truck to the 6.2L that was never offered in a single cab Silverado.  Once we took delivery of our brand new 6.2L – it was time to open it up and install a set of Diamond Pistons, Oliver Rods, an LT4 Crank, GPI Heads, and a custom cut GPI Turbo Cam.

Next, it was time to install the new power plant, and bolt up a Armageddon Twin Turbo System.  Due to the fueling limitations of the DI motors, we opted to also upgrade to the LT4 pump and injectors, as well as a direct port methanol system from ProMeth.

After wrapping it up – we strapped it to the dyno, and were pleased to see it made 760rwhp on the dyno, and is proving to be a formidable opponent to most high performance cars on the street.

Check out these videos to see more…

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