GPI Heads to Bowling Green, KY for some CamaroFest IX Drag Racing!

We had such a great weekend at CamaroFest last weekend with all of our friends and customers – it was almost hard to come back to the normal grind! Thank goodness we love what we do!

We headed down to Bowling Green on Thursday  7/11/19, to get our trailer and product set up for all of our customers to come see us.

While James Zajac manned the GPI booth – the rest of the team headed out to the pit area to get all of our cars and customers cars ready for Day 1 of racing (Test and Tune / Qualifying).

Some pics of the #teamGPI cars getting ready!

V8 Unlimited Qualifying

Friday morning we were ready to race!  Here is some footage from the Qualifying sessions.

First up was the V8 Unlimited Class:  Any force-inducted Camaro. Unlimited modifications. Any driver.

We had some employees and customers competing in the V8 Unlimited class:  

  • Mike Pestka
  • Kevin Martin
  • Bryan Mooneyham
  • Phillip Davis
  • Mike Pestka took top qualifying position in V8 Unlimited Class with an 8.724 @ 159.8mph.
  • Bryan Mooneyham secured a solid 3rd place finish with an 8.992 @ 154.46 mph.
  • Kevin Martin got his car finished up a few days before CamaroFest, and was able to take 5th position with a 9.604 @ 153.23 mph.
  • Phillip Davis qualified close behind Kevin with a 9.692 @ 143.93 mph.

V8 Super-Mod Qualifying

Next up we had the V8 Super-Mod Class which included Any 5/6-Gen force-inducted IRS Camaro. Unlimited mods, (No 15″ wheels).

In this class we had the infamous Wesley Harris driving “Birthday” – his silver single turbo 5th Gen.

Wesley took TOP qualifying position in the Super-Mod Class with a 9.536 @ 148.71.

V8 Modified Qualifying

Lastly on Friday we had the V8 Modified Class (Any 5/6-Gen naturally-aspirated IRS Camaro – stock bottom end.)which we had many great friends and customers competing.  

  • Ben Weishaar
  • Brandon Hill
  • Zach Bowman
  • Steve Criss
  • Carnell Stigger
  • Chris McCabe
  • Chris Collins
  • James Garst
  • Ben qualified first on his new setup with a 9.578 @ 139.98
  • Brandon qualified 4th with a 9.981 @ 138.41 – making him the quickest and fastest NA 6th Gen at the CamaroFest IX
  • Zach qualified 8th with a 10.365 @ 132.83 – making him the quickest and fastest NA manual car at CamaroFest IX
  • Steve qualified a tick behind Zach with a 10.501 @ 127.63

V8 Unlimited Eliminations

Mike was the top qualifier, and ran the quickest and fastest pass in eliminations, but unfortunately got treed by Russell Gilbert.  

We are very proud of Mike for his endless consistency in any condition. He had both the quickest and fastest pass of the entire event.

V8 Super-Mod Eliminations

Unfortunately we had audio issues on the video from the V8 Super-Mod Eliminations.  Our man Wesley red lit and was eliminated handing the champion title over to GuitarmaFreedomRocket’s twin turbo 6th Gen.

Wesley was the quickest and fastest in the class – but red lights have a way of negating all of that.  Part of racing.

V8 Modified Eliminations

The Modified Class is always some of the most exciting racing at Camaro Fest, and sure to draw the biggest crowds!

After another year of trash talk – all the fastest SBE NA 5th & 6th Gens come together to battle it out on the same track in the same conditions.

We are extremely grateful for all the great friendships we’ve made at Camaro Fest over the years, and look forward to another year of pushing these platforms to the absolute limits!

Congratulations to our own Ben Weishaar for taking the win in the class! Great work also to all of the #TeamGPI family competing in the class. Huge performances from Brandon T. Hill IIZach BowmanSteve CrissCarnell Stigger, and James Garst!

Also, huge respect for the competition showing up BIG this year – Zachary FrederickTyler VedrosAndrew RoarkJim DuffyPray Performance, and Pete Williams!

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