Bulletproofing the LT1 for Big Boost with GPI’s LT1 Drop in Piston / Rod Package!

GPI - LT1 Drop-In Piston / Connecting Rod Package

Bulletproofing the LT for Boost

The LT series GM engines are incredible powerplants as designed – however unlike their predecessor (LSx) – the LT’s commonly rebel when power adders such as superchargers, turbos, and nitrous are added.

unlike the LS – the LT’s commonly rebel when power adders such as superchargers, turbos, and nitrous are added.

The LT powerplants have several weak links when boosted:

  • the unique piston and ring land design which was intended for naturally aspirated duty is subject to failure under even minimal detonation.
  • preignition has been associated with various detergents found in certain motor oils which become emulsified resultant of the fuel being sprayed under pressure into the cylinder creating unintended combustion
  • We have found ring end gaps as small as .008 which will certainly butt together causing cylinder, piston and ring failures when subjected to increased heat and cylinder pressure.
  • We have found LTI connecting rods during engine upgrades on stock forced induction engines which were slightly bent even though they were still asymptomatic.

Overcoming Limitations

Understanding these limitations – and because GPI strives to provide the best combination of power and reliability for our clients – we have worked with Diamond Racing and Callies to offer a no rebalance, standard bore, stock compression, drop-in solution for the Gen V 6.2 liter LT1 engine.

What does this mean for you?  No machine work and no balancing needed.  This is a complete drop-in assembly that can be installed while the engine is still in the car!

The Solution

Gwatney Performance is proud to present a Complete Drop-In Piston and Rod solution for the Gen V LT1 (6.2) Engine!  This package is designed specifically for boosted 14+ Corvette’s and 16+ Camaro SS.

By working directly with Diamond Racing and Callies, and were able to get the exact same bobweight as the factory piston / rod assembly, and due to the heavier weight of the factory assembly – we were able to build an extremely robust piston and rod package.

This kit is designed to support 1000+HP applications and is the perfect match for your forced induction LT!!


Reliable and consistent high horsepower Gen 5 LT’s!  Here is a recent build with these pistons.  This is a street car, so power and boost levels are fairly conservative.

This car is fitted w/ the full assortment of GPI Gen5 LT goodies including:

Available Now!


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15 thoughts on “Bulletproofing the LT1 for Big Boost with GPI’s LT1 Drop in Piston / Rod Package!

  1. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Kletman says:

    I have a 2019 Corvette Grand Sport with the following mods
    Magnuson 2650 R Supercharger
    103mm Nick Williams throttle body
    Chevy performance cold air intake
    80mm pulley
    Alky Control injection system
    My car has 1,800 miles on it.
    I am producing approximately 898 Horsepower at the crank
    Would I be a candidate for this package?

    • Avatar photo
      Kevin Martin says:

      Yes sir I highly suggest you add these for your application! At your power level I’m surprised they’ve lasted this far.

    • Avatar photo
      John M says:

      1000 is all I’d put to it and it live for any length of time. I have broke 2 blocks now, first one was not sleeved and the second one was. I am now running an LT iron block, yes it’s 135 pounds heavier but I am able to run 1300 hp without any issues.

      • Avatar photo
        Jeff says:

        I have 550 at the wheels and had a pistons crack, maybe do to ring failure. Now I’m looking at this set up. Going to pull the heads and check for block damage. Hope this helps on the stock question. Running a supercharger with the largest pulley.

        All stock components at the moment.

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