GPI Tech Talk is a Q&A series we stream once a month on Facebook Live

Each event will have a general topic that we will cover, and then we will open the floor to you (the viewers) for Q&A.

Recent Episodes

Episode 5 (4/16/19)


  • Upcoming Events you can meet us at
  • New Valve Spring Kit offerings
  • How does our Remote Tuning work?
  • Live Q&A session w/ you! 

Previous Episodes

Episode 4 (3/19/19)


  • Intake Mod vs Hi Ram Manifolds
  • Controversy surrounding Trunnion Upgrades (comparing the options)
  •  New line of GPI Camshafts and Turn Key Engines (Street / Street Strip / Track Attack)
  • Live Q&A session w/ you! 

Episode 3 (2/19/19)


  • Pros & Cons of different fuels
  • Pros & Cons of different Induction Types
  • Weight Reduction Tips & Tricks
  • Most common questions when buying a cam kit (timing chains, oil pumps, lifters, etc…)
  • Live Q&A session w/ you!

Episode 2 (1/15/19)


  • New packages launched this month
  • Torque converter discussion (misconceptions and maintenance)
  • Upcoming products that we are very excited about
  • Live Q&A discussion w/ you! 

Episode 1 (12/18/18)


This December 18, 2018 event will uncover the complete build details (almost all – got to keep a secret or two…) of Ryan Stevens’ (Record Setting) 2010 Camaro SS.

Whether you are wanting to go after the record, looking for the next steps on your LS3 build, or just want to hear all the crazy details that have allowed Ryan to run a 9.25 with a stock bottom end LS3 – tune in Tuesday.