K1 Technologies Forged Crankshaft


Your Choice of Stroke AND Reluctor Wheel!!!!


K1 Technologies forged crankshafts offer world-class technology that’s affordable. Their energy transfer technology forges top-quality crankshafts from 4340 steel that’s core-hardened and tempered to reduce stress and optimize tensile strength. K1 uses a nitriding process for hardening–not induction heat-treating–to eliminate softening between the journals and any post-running deformation. The forged crankshafts feature straight oil holes for the best oiling to the rod journals, to ensure that you’re getting the most and the best for your dollars. Counterweights are placed for optimal load reduction and ease of balancing–meaning less work for you–and each crankshaft is magnetic particle inspected, as well as held to a maximum tolerance of .0002 in. journal dimension. K1 Technologies forged crankshafts offer high performance to meet your high standards!


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