Marcus Brookes Benefit Shootout

As some of you know our friend Marcus Brookes was involved in a terrible accident November 4, when he and Chris had taken his car down the highway for a test drive. Something didn’t feel right with the car so Marcus pulled over on the shoulder to check it out. As they got out of the car a distracted driver hit Marcus pinning him between the cars.

We are planning an evening to help Marcus and family with bills and medical expenses.

Event Details

This will be a NOPREP N/T small tire 28×10.5 or 275×60 car shootout with a guaranteed payout of $4500+100% all entires based on 12 cars.

  • BACK HALF cars allowed
  • NO WHEELIE BARS or TUBE CHASSIS cars allowed
  • GRUDGE racing can get action
  • $20 gate / $25 Test & Tune / $100 entry
  • Gate will open at 9am
  • Racing starts at 1pm
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Updates from the Brookes

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