GPI SS4 Cam Only LS3 (Stock Heads) Gunning for 9’s!!

Check out this video of Ben Weishaar yesterday – in his “Cam Only” LS3 powered FLOP GEN – running our new SS4 (No Flycut) Camshaft!

Can he run a 9 w/ stock heads?!

Update 4/15/19: She’s a little faster now…

Want to get a GPI SS4 (No Flytcut) camshaft too?

2 thoughts on “GPI SS4 Cam Only LS3 (Stock Heads) Gunning for 9’s!!

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    Brian says:

    What do you have for a street car that sees a fair amount of track time? 2012 ss/rs 6.2 6spd. I have some mustang friends I want to quiet down. I’ve run across y’all on YouTube and I like your results vs the tsp or BTR off the shelf cams. Also kudos on times on the l99 cars, that’s bad ass

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